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We know the risks that mold can pose to both your health, home and business. That's why we offer comprehensive mold remediation services, dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses get rid of mold and prevent it from coming back. Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment, providing you with the right guidance to create a mold-free space. We're here to make sure your home or business is a safe and comfortable place to be.

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Quickly Remove and Kill Mold in Pocatello With a Non-Toxic Fog

A Smarter Way to Get Rid of Black Mold and All Other Types of Mold


Reach Toxic Mold In Difficult to Reach Places

Our two-step dry fog formula will fill the entire volume of your property, reaching 100 times more surface area than other solutions.  Mists and sprays can’t penetrate walls and reach the studs and insulation that sit inside.  Mold Busters’ solution can; including penetrating your carpets, interior fabrics, and other porous surfaces like your wood furniture. This matters because mold toxins can travel through openings as small as one micron. Our fog particles are smaller than mold spores, and is applied with positive pressure; pushing its way into every nook, cranny and air gap. Seeking out and eliminating mold toxins wherever they are hiding.


Water Damage Restoration - Reduce Your CostsIICRC Certified Firm

Our patented dry fog can reduce demolition and the subsequent cost of reconstruction. About 40% of the time demolition and physical removal of infected materials is unavoidable, but your home or business location may be one of the 60% who could see significant savings. Contact us now for an estimate and find out how.

We are an IICRC certified firm for Water Damage Restoration. Certified to remove water, then assess and remove heavily effected materials and structural damage.  Whenever possible we help you keep your walls and rugs, and save yourself any unnecessary removal. That is the advantage of using Mold Busters Pocatello’s mold removal services.


Improve Your Health

We are proud of the fact that our solution has generated over 20,000 satisfied customers.  No other statistic or study speaks louder than the improved health of our customers suffering from the effects of mold growth. Moisture from a poorly sealed window or an undetectable roof leak can contribute to hidden mold growth. Growing behind your ceiling or wall, it is invisible and can contribute to chronic sinus infections and increased aggravation of existing conditions like asthma.

A study conducted by the Army Corp of Engineers confirms through testing what our customers have confirmed through improved health. Mold Remediation Study.


A Solution That’s Non-Toxic to People, Pets & the Environment. 

While the sterilant is lethal to single-cell organisms, once dissipated it breaks down into components that are extremely friendly and safe to people, pets, and the environment.

Our dry fog process includes two steps.  First we dry-fog the entire volume of your location with a hospital-grade sterliant ...  treating all surfaces and all belongings including furniture, clothes, mattresses, and carpet. We then dry fog the entire premise a second time, but with an antimicrobial which provides 90-days of ongoing protection after we leave.  Both chemicals go on dry, and unlike a mist, won't create any potentially damage to pictures or other sensitive surfaces. To complete both steps typically takes 4 to 8 hours for the average home.


Eliminate Foul Odors & Leave No Visible or Sticky Residue

Does your home have an unwanted musty odor? We not only eliminate the old-home, musty smell caused by mildew, fungus and mold, but have been successful at eliminating cigarette or wood-burning fireplace or wood-burning stove smoke embedded in walls. Our dry fog leaves no sticky or visual residue.  All we leave you with is fresh air and a light vinegar-like smell that becomes undetectable within one to two days.


Take Care of Mold Abatement in Hours Not a Week

Because other solutions don’t seek ways to minimize the amount of demolition, they can take a week or longer before you are back to life-as- normal.  With Mold Busters Pocatello, you get the same or better results in as few as four hours.


Book Your Mold Inspection & Air Quality Tests

Live in Preston, ID or Chubbuck, ID?  A mold expert is as close as an invitation to your home to perform an assessment and recommendation for the best plan to mitigate mold growth.  Want to learn what it would cost to get you taken care of?  Click “Schedule an Appointment” in the menu and a mold expert will be at your home or business at the time you request.

Are you concerned about your air quality and want a benchmark to compare after-treatment with the quality before treatment? You can get an air quality professional and air quality test for just $99. Call  (208) 268-0303 to schedule an appointment now.  Two air tests evaluated by an independent third party lab are included at the end of treatment to verify that mold levels are at outdoor levels or lower.

Find Out & Test Your Air Quality

We Kill Mold & Every Other Type of Pathogen


Our dry fog is a full-home / full-business cleanse. It kills all types of fungus, mildew, bacteria, and viruses. With back-pressure, it is pushed into your HVAC system, inside your walls, and into your mattresses, furniture, insulation, and everywhere air can flow. In many cases, we drive the indoor air quality to be better than your outdoor air quality.

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Less Work to Remove Mold

Some or any demolition may be unnecessary.  No dust, no breaking walls, no ripping out carpet or insulation. And no putting it back together! With dry fog you may avoid additional expense.

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Spend Less for Mold Removal

Save money with Mold Busters Pocatello. You cut out a lot of the labor and cost of new items, such as a new rug, and you could save as much as 50% compared to the competition.

Fast Mold-Removal; Pocatello, Idaho

Save Time & Inconvenience

Other solutions make you deal with multiple contractors and the inconvenience of quarantining a portion of your floor and wall space.  With Mold Busters Pocatello, this may not be necessary.


If you live any of these counties, our services and mold experts are as close as an invitation to your home, school, government facility or home for a mold inspection and estimate.  Have an accounting office in McCammon, ID.  How about a daycare in American Falls, ID?, or restaurant in Aberdeen, ID?  Are you an administrator of a school in Preston or a gym in Chubbuck?  We will visit Fort Hall, Idaho, and American Falls, or any other small community in the surrounding area

Regardless, give us a call or fill out the form at the link below. You can schedule an appointment directly on our calendar by selecting "Talk with a Mold Expert."  If you are in another part of Idaho or are Looking for the most effective mold removal service in Logan, UT and Northern Utah, contact us and we will ensure you are put in touch with another company that can provide our some service in your area.



Could Your Home Have Mold?

Nearly every home will have some form of mold growth in its lifetime.  A leaky Window,  or a leaky roof.  If you have a basement and haven't treated the walls, there is a chance that hydrostatic pressure has pushed moisture through your walls.  Notice a musty smell anywhere in your home.  Chances you have mildew, which is just another word for mold.  A broken pipe a toilet that overflows, a faulty dishwasher,  or heavy rainstorm floods your window wells. If you have had any of these events and moisture sat for more than 24 hours, chances are there was mold growth.