Mold Busters Pocatello Is the Future of Mold Removal

Fast, Non-Toxic, No-Demo Mold Removal Services Now Available in Pocatello

Mold Busters Pocatello was founded based on a patented technology that was developed in 2007 in Northern Utah.  The inventor developed a revolutionary two-step formula which he chose to keep as a local, one-location service for a number of years before a change in management led to a full national expansion. Since then this technology has been licensed to more  than 100 locations nationwide. EPA and FDA approved in all 50 states, this effective, fast and low cost solution is now available to residents in Pocatello and surrounding areas, Lava Hot Springs, Preston and beyond.

A signature quality of Mold Busters Pocatello is its dedication to customer satisfaction.  Built on a technology that has more than 20,000 satisfied customers, we are confident in our offering, and guarantee 100% satisfaction.  Our approach is second to no other mold mitigation program or service available anywhere.  Every client thus far has been 100% satisfied. This means, at last homeowners have an option that they know works and won't break the bank.  This means a healthier workforce for employers, better air quality for students in K-12 schools,  and improved overall well-being for visitors and employees at government facilities and beyond.

Our mold experts are certified and are members of the National Association of Mold Remediators. Up to date with the latest training and developments and the science of mold remediation.  They will walk you through your unique situation, and make recommendations on the most economical and effective plan that will get the job done.

If you want to eliminate any virus, bacteria, mold or other pathogen, and live in McCammon Idaho, or Chubbuck, ID,  we can help you. We service Fort Hall, Idaho and Aberdeen, Idaho as well.  We will visit your home or business in American Falls, Idaho, Virginia, Idaho and anywhere along the southeastern Idaho border.

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