Health Issues and Mold - In Pocatello and Nationally

Indoor Air Quality can be a Big Contributor to the Well-Being and Productivity of a Workforce in Cassia County or a Classroom of Students in Bannock County. It Can Cause Discomfort for Students in Franklin County, as well as Bear Lake Country and Oneida County.

Black Mold and other Dangerous Mold growth along with the life inhibiting or life-threatening effects don’t make the local news often enough.  We know that right now there is somebody in Burley, ID or in Malad, Idaho suffering from a hidden mold growth problem in their home.  Whether you live in Fort Hall or Chubbuck, you probably have a family friend or neighbor with a chronic illness that they can’t kick.  Live in Lava Hot Springs or McCammon, Idaho, and heard stories or smelled the musty mildew odor from a family member’s home? It is so much a part of everyday life that we forget it can have serious effects.  Read articles below to become better informed about the impact on health that mold can have.

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Is Your Home Making You Sick? - Free Mold Inspection

To improve health, any inkling that you have mold growth should be taken care of immediately.  If it isn't making you sick now, over time it can wear your immune system down to where you are sensitized and become susceptible to more serious mold-related health symptoms.  Don't take a chance, and request an initial mold inspection.  Fill out the form below, or click on "schedule an appointment" above.