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We perform mold inspection, tests, remediation, and removal services across south-eastern Idaho for homes and commercial buildings. We own the exclusive license to patented Pure Maintenance dry fog technology for Cassia County, Bannock County, Bear Lake County, Franklin County, and Oneida County.

We will come out and inspect then service any location in these counties. The majority of our customers are in Pocatello, Chubbuck, Preston, Malad, Montpelier, and Burley, Idaho.

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Mold Inspection

Our technician will visit you at your home or business. Assess the situation, and prescribe a safe and appropriate protocol.

Before we come out we will first ask a few questions over the phone to determine if our dry fog solution is more than you really need?  We will also determine whether a mold inspection is necessary?  With some dialogue and a few pictures, we can quickly determine whether you have mold, thereby making an inspection unnecessary.

To determine whether we are within your budget and whether you need a mold inspection or a mold removal service at all, give us a call or fill out this contact form.

Mold Tests

Mold tests can be costly. The good news is in 90% of the cases though, mold tests simply aren't necessary. Here are three instances you may want to consider...

  1. An insurance company requires a mold test.
  2. You want to determine if the mold growth is toxic.
  3. You are curious. For example, is there a known connection between health issues and the identified mold?

In most cases, where occupants are experiencing new chronic health issues, and you have found visible mold growth, property owners want to get rid of the mold, and have the satisfaction of knowing that the entire property has been cleansed with dry fog. One air quality mold test is typically sufficient for assessing the type of mold you have growing in your home, but multiple water issues or substantially large square footage may warrant multiple test.

Mold Removal & Remediation

We do both mold removal and mold remediation.

While there is a difference between the two, they are most often used synonymously with the expectation that they will restore your indoor air quality and structures to a "new" or "mold-free state."  You don't want to see mold, and you want to make sure it isn't causing any structural damage and is eliminated for good.  If this is you?  You are not just in the right place, but you are in the very best possible place.

We don't just fill the entire volume of your home, reaching surfaces that absolutely no other method will reach.  But we do it twice. Once with a hospital-grade sterilant, which uses positive pressure to push dry fog particles, smaller than a mold spore, into porous materials, gaps, carpet, HVAC system, insulation mattresses, and everywhere, mold can travel.  Once complete, we prep our equipment for a second total-building dry fog with our antimicrobial, which the EPA has approved as providing 90 days or more of ongoing protection after we leave.

The Army Corps of Engineers performed a study showing that locations at an army base that were treated with our two-step dry fog, had lower mold counts three months after we left than right after we finished!  It works, and you, like 20,000 other clients nationwide, will not be disappointed.

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